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Keep Me Dry Lawn44 Me Dry LawnKeep Me Dry Lawn, Tapestry Lawn Dry Thumb
Stingy with Water Lawn43 with Water LawnStingy with Water Lawn, Tapestry Lawn Sunny Thumb
Mostly Moist Lawn42 Moist LawnMostly Moist Lawn, Tapestry Lawn Moist Thumb
All Over Clover Lawn41 Over Clover LawnAll Over Clover Lawn, Clover Lawn Thumb
Thyme Saver Lawn40 Saver LawnThyme Saver Lawn, Thyme Lawn Thumb
Stop Fighting It Moss Lawn39 Fighting It Moss LawnStop Fighting It Moss Lawn,
Swords and Bells36 and BellsSwords and Bells,
Huck and Sal35 and SalHuck and Sal,
Line Up Little Lanterns34 Up Little LanternsLine Up Little Lanterns,
Hey Bee-Bee32 Bee-BeeHey Bee-Bee,
Mountain Fire31 FireMountain Fire,
Saskatoon Sunshine30 SunshineSaskatoon Sunshine,
Fountain of Colour29 of ColourFountain of Colour,
Pollinator Paradise28 ParadisePollinator Paradise,
A Currant Affair27 Currant AffairA Currant Affair,
Delicate Delights25 DelightsDelicate Delights,
Made in the Shade26 in the ShadeMade in the Shade,
Woodland Wonder24 WonderWoodland Wonder,
Retreat to the Shade23 to the ShadeRetreat to the Shade,
Sweet and Sour22 and SourSweet and Sour,
Orangebark and Blooms20 and BloomsOrangebark and Blooms,
Majestic Maple21 MapleMajestic Maple,
June Blooms19 BloomsJune Blooms,
Three Cheers for Cherry18 Cheers for CherryThree Cheers for Cherry,
Classy Corner17 CornerClassy Corner,
Maple and Ginger15 and GingerMaple and Ginger,
Golden Nectar16 NectarGolden Nectar,
Light in the Dark14 in the DarkLight in the Dark,
Rhodo a Go-Go11 a Go-GoRhodo a Go-Go,
Maple Meditation12 MeditationMaple Meditation,
Patio Lanterns10 LanternsPatio Lanterns,
Climbing Beauty7 BeautyClimbing Beauty,
Autumn Moon8 MoonAutumn Moon,
Spring Sunshine9 SunshineSpring Sunshine,
Meadow in a Pot5 in a PotMeadow in a Pot,
Mellow Yellow6 YellowMellow Yellow,
I'm a Little Tree Pot4'm a Little Tree PotI'm a Little Tree Pot,
Warm and Wooly2 and WoolyWarm and Wooly,